Promoting Your Website: 12 Simple Ways to Boost Your Online Presence

Are you looking to add a little spice to your website? Perhaps to draw more traffic, improve your search ranking or drive engagement and leads? Well then, look no further, because we’ve rounded up some simple, but effective ways to pump up your page.

Get Back to the Basicsdescribe the image

Tell the People Where to Find You: It sounds obvious, but never neglect the long-standing logic that it’s easier for customers and visitors to find you if you will but only tell them how. Include your URL wherever possible: On business cards, fliers, pamphlets, etc…

Have a Free Service or Offering on Your Site: Businesses have been using free as a hook for ages, offer something of value to prospective customers to encourage them to pay you a visit.

Email Tactics

Ask People to Join Your Email Program: Use interactions and space on your pages to invite people to join your email list. Offering an incentive to do so never hurts either.

Make Your Signature Count: Use your email signature to communicate important contact information, a website link and anything else that makes sense to be included there you may well email people who are not customers, but could become customers based on knowledge they gain from your signature.

Link Tactics

Join Directories: There are ton of directory sites out there, some are large, some are more niche or industry focused. Get set up on a variety of directories to increase the likelihood that you’ll be found. Links in the right places may also help boost your PageRank.

Link and Link Alike: Find some sites with similar traffic and similar customers/audiences to yours and request a reciprocal link. Each site involved will provide a link to the others, everyone wins.

Issue Press Releases: This may not sound like a linking consideration, but oftentimes when outlets pick up a press release and report on them they will embed a link to the source: Your website. Always include your website URL in any press releases that you issue.

Search Engine Tactics

Think Local: There are plenty of sites out there that feature local directories, think of Yelp and Foursquare. Maintain your presence on those outlets and include information about your business, including your official website. 

Use Keywords in Hyperlinks: Search engines are all about relevancy, when they crawl your site; they are looking to find out what the focus of your site is. Hyperlinks are something the engine sees as potentially important, so use them like little hints.

Be Search Friendly: Make sure your site is search engine friendly, that is, make sure it is easy for robots to crawl, index. Pay particular attention to navigation, including a site map and regular HTML navigation are both keys to being search friendly.

Social Tactics

Build a Blog: Having a high quality, relevant blog that you routinely publish on will encourage others in your industry to share your content, and also to check back regularly to see what’s new.

Be Active in Social Communities:  Social media can be a great way to spread the word about your site and content, but ensure that you are engaging and not just spamming.

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