Technical SEO and Content Marketing: Living in Harmony- PART 2 of 2

Now that you have the know-how you need for your technical SEO, it’s time to seal the deal with some savvy copy and high-quality content. So here’s how to do it, and do it right.

First, it’s gotta be good. Sounds like this is something everyone should know, but believe or not, sometimes people focus on loading up on keywords, and forget to string the words together in a way that brings the customer in, and (just as important) keeps the customer there. Conversion is the goal.

Time To Audit That Content

Like with technical SEO, start with an audit. Look at, and learn from, your current content. Figuring out which pages are performing at their best from a UX standpoint, will give valuable insight into how all of your content should read.

Knowing your technical SEO will come in handy here, too. Say you have a page with a large bounce-rate, don’t automatically assume it’s due to content, maybe it’s page speed. Keep all factors in mind when working on your content audit, remembering that you can have exceptional content on a page, but if your site isn’t performing well in all areas, no one will be able to engage with that content- or your business.

Evaluating your content prior to a complete overhaul can save time and money, look into Google Analytics and Google Search Console to help you understand how your current copy is working for you.

New Content Optimization

You have some stuff to keep in mind when you start your new content strategy, even if you don’t need to recreate the wheel- from the smallest to the largest of content changes, you will only benefit from following these rules:

Target Your Audience

Why is your audience on your site? Because you give the most relevant information to your customer. After your technical site structure is taken care of, be sure your keywords, page titles, headers, URL structure, meta descriptions, and copy all stay uber-focused on your users’ intent.

Who do you want your audience to be? Be thoughtful and take care when crafting your content. Using your brand’s tone, voice, and vocabulary will help the client you desire find you and choose you.

Quality of Content

You know what your audience wants because you, yourself, are someone’s audience. What happens when you click on something and you’re taken to a page that doesn’t give you what you thought it would? You leave. Don’t do that to your people.

Get the client by providing them the value they so desire. Be true to your brand, relatable, and engaging; all while giving top-notch information.

Fill in the Gaps

You should constantly be looking for more opportunities to reach a broader audience. Make sure you have content that masterfully describes everything your business does. You want to give answers to all the possible questions a potential client can toss at you. See what your competitors say and do. Are you promoting yourself like they are? How is your content strategy going to be better than theirs? Maybe you have a niche you’d like to capitalize on, one that your competitor doesn’t serve. Go with that and dedicate some quality copy to it.

You can also look at your Search Analytics page-by-page to see if you’re unintentionally ranking for terms you aren’t trying to target. If you are, (awesome!) you can add that valuable and relevant content to your site.

Variety in Type of Content

Don’t forget that content is more than copy. Use images that compliment your words, keeping in mind your brand and, of course, relevancy. Video content and infographics that give powerful info will not only allow for more engagement, but can help with sharing, giving you the significant visitors you want.

Having a conscientious content strategy will only bring success in the form of conversions by bringing you the right audience. Being a go-to source for educating your client though reliable content will give you the loyal client-base you’re looking for. Remember that upkeep is mandatory, for both technical SEO and content strategy. Do both of these correctly and your business will thrive.

If you’d like some help in understanding how a new content strategy can benefit your business, or how to handle the balance of technical SEO and content strategy, give us a call and we’ll tackle it together. We love this stuff.