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How to Avoid Social Media Pet Peeves


Social media is an ever evolving and ever growing network of communities and people. Utilizing these media outlets effectively will bring about a new side of your business that you never even knew existed! With all of this new found success also comes new fans and followers. These followers bring their own questions, comments and of course suggestions on how they think you could be more successful. As annoying as it may be, it’s a sign that your Inbound Marketing is paying off, and what more could you ask for than beloved fans? Well, some of their comments when directed towards you can be hurtful and rude. While they may not be directly insulting you, they are speaking of your work. For those of you who deal with this on a constant basis, here a few suggestions to help combat the situations!

• The dreaded spam auto reply
o Gaining followers on Twitter is something that is a must when trying to build your network and extend your social reach. However, a task that is nearly impossible to complete is deciding who on Twitter is in fact a real person. Some accounts are created to simply gain followers and advance an Inbound Marketing campaign. Many of these types of accounts will have an auto reply that you will be hot with the minute you follow them promoting whatever product it is that they are selling. These types of accounts make it difficult to tell what direct message is truly being sent by real followers. Best thing to do? Ignore them! Instead of going through and deleting and reporting them all, look at who is following them and remember, indirectly they are connected to you too!

• Give me a JOB
o Face it, your company is great and others want to be a part of it, but how realistic is it to get a job through a company’s Facebook page or blog? More often than not a large company isn’t even posting or writing their own blogs, let alone aware of any job openings. So what can you do? Create a system! If you have any information make sure to share, if not let them know you will forward their information on to the correct channels. Make sure you follow the same procedure for this each time and soon it will become routine.

• I haven’t read this, but I have an opinion!
o Users will always have an opinion about whatever it is that they may or may not have read. You may often think that some people just want to see their name on your blog. The best thing to do when this situation arises is to point out (ever so politely) that all the information is correct and you would be glad to help point out any additional information. This will not only quiet the disgruntled poster but also show other users that you are respectful.

Social Media platforms can be a wonderful addition to your marketing strategy, pet peeves and all. Learn to handle unexpected situations and make social media platforms beneficial in all respects for your business. 



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