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Improve your Email Marketing to Increase your Sales


A successful inbound marketing campaign will always include great email marketing, and customer information is what makes this tool so powerful especially if you’re a small business.  Email marketing allows a small business to contact new and past customers to create excitement into their business and possible new products or services, building better relationships and bringing new and old customers back to you. Email marketing for those of you that don’t know is a form of direct marketing, which uses email as a means of communicating messages to an audience. In its broadest sense, every e-mail sent to a potential or current customer could be considered e-mail marketing.

email marketing

However many people believe email marketing to be SPAM marketing, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  People who receive promotional marketing materials via email have subscribed to such publications and are aware that they will be receiving emails from such companies.  While many SPAM emails begin their lives legitimate, they quickly become abused and unwanted, thus no longer qualifying as a marketing tool.  So an opt-in option while reaching customers is always crucial.  The reason why you can legally send email blasts to multiple customers is because of these opt-in features, this way you legally know that you have your customers authorization. This is done many ways but the most obvious is by placing a “join my mailing list” button in a form field for their email address on your website. By voluntarily sending you their email address, they are agreeing to be sent newsletters and other company updates.

Along with what email marketing is and what it can do to help your inbound marketing campaign be a success, there are several things that should be included to make your outgoing mail appealing to readers.

·         Create a catchy and sincere subject line.

o   Many will see the subject of the email and dismiss it as SPAM and it will never be read.

·         Make the emails personal to the subscriber.

o   Tailor them to your readers’ interests and demographics so that they will feel the content suits them. If you do this successfully, your readers will be able to relate. It will be familiar to them and coming from their level, and they will then be more apt to click on the links in the email and buy from your company.

·         Use a unique marketing strategy

o   In inbound marketing it is important for a business to stand apart from the rest. To do this, the use of a distinct and creative marketing strategy in your emails is crucial. Using your imagination to avoid being standard and a copy of what has already been done in the past.  Create emails that will leave a lasting impression in your readers’ minds and cause them to remember you. Impressing your readership will make them want to buy from your company again and again. 


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