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Spice up your Email Newsletter and Gain a Greater Audience


Ever been on a receiving end of an email newsletter that probably bored you to tears? If so, you need to stop and think about those newsletters that you also regularly send to your subscribers. You may be sending them emails simply because company traditions have to be adhered to. However, if you don’t have any useful information to send to your subscribers, why not send updates touching on services, products, or on what your company is currently up to? Poor content leads to low click-through figures and in extreme cases, unsubscription. These are not desirable attributes nor ones that adhere to inbound marketing techniques.

EmailMarketing@Nasty Reputation

If your newsletters are dull and fail to elicit subscribers’ interest, your reputation will take a dent. You can also turn away loyal customers. However, the worst thing is to be blacklisted by Return Path, thus compromising your ability to send future email newsletters. Still not all news is bad. There are various ways you can spice up your newsletters and gain more audience.

Tip 1: Be Personal

Try to infuse your email newsletters with personal touch. Just write it as if you are writing to your friend. You don’t have to reveal your personal information. In other words, just act like you are having a face-to-face chat with your ideal client.

Tip 2: Develop Interest

Don’t write a newsletter because you have to. Step back and let the interest and motivation surge before you begin. Your mood directly affects the quality of the content that you publish. A good mood energizes the readers into wanting more of your newsletters. This consequently leads to more business in future.

Tip 3: Keep it Short

Don’t write fluff. It pays to use short sentences, with minimal jargon. Ensure each newsletter has between six to seven articles. Otherwise, your readers will only skim through the newsletter.

Tip 4: Be Resourceful

Provide videos, links and podcast and articles in other websites that contain related information. Devote a page in the newsletter for listing useful references for further reading.

Tip 5: Request for Feedback

Once in a while, ask your readers for feedback on how they rate your newsletters. Ask them if there is any way they think you can improve. This not only makes them feel appreciated, but it also helps you gauge the effectiveness of your content as well.

Tip 6: Provide Valuable Information

Readers often subscribe in order to receive information they think will be of help to them. Try to meet this need and subscribers will keep coming in droves.

Tip 7: Consistency

Make sure you stick to a regular schedule for sending the email newsletters. If possible, try to send them on the third Wednesday of each month so that they won’t hit the inbox over the weekends. This ensures that they are read by as many subscribers as possible.

Tip 8: Avoid Being too Salesy

Don’t over-mention the services or products that your firm offers. Some customers hate being sold to. Try to keep the ratios at around 80/20 for the content and marketing respectively.



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Posted @ Tuesday, July 08, 2014 1:14 AM by Best Email Campaign Software
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