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How to Overcome the New Hurdles associated with Technology


After several decades of coping with inefficient outbound marketing technologies such as telephone solicitations, managers have embraced the new buzz word; Inbound marketing. This involves using tools such as blogs, websites or social networks to attract prospective customers. Customers looking for specific products or services that your firm offers can find the information they need in the blogs or websites. However, implementing this new technology is challenging and can be overcome in the following ways;


Start Small

The best way to overcome the hurdles associated with new technology is to start with smaller projects of the same type. This helps build your confidence such that projects of larger magnitude will be much easier to handle.  If you are making the transition from outbound marketing to inbound marketing, it is advisable to do so gradually. Furthermore, if your salespeople are used to outbound marketing methods, it is hard for them to adapt to new technology associated with inbound marketing.


Overcome Your Fear of Unknown

As human beings, we tend to find comfort in things that we are used to. We hardly venture into trying out new things. The sense of predictability makes our lives simpler. However, comfort zone is very dangerous. Get out of it fast before it consumes your business. Learn to overcome the fear of the unknown. Do this one by trying out one step at a time. This helps you overcome any hurdles associated with new technology. Implementing it without any reservations is the best way that your firm can reap maximum benefits.


Seek Support from Experts

No matter how hard you try, you will discover that implementing certain technological projects is way beyond your capabilities. A good leader admits his weaknesses and seeks out the help of qualified people. It is not bad to admit that you hardly understand how to maximize inbound marketing for the overall benefit of the company. Hiring an expert not only saves you costs; it also builds your reputation among employees as a person of integrity.


Employee Education Programs

Implementing new inbound marketing technologies can be a rigorous task if your staff lacks the required knowhow needed. As an alternative to hiring expensive consultants to do the work, why not train your employees? This is not only cheaper, but it also enables you to tap into the efforts of persons who have the interests of your firm at heart. Unlike consultants, employees know that their job security depends on the survival of the company. Training employees also ensures the quality of the work done is of high standard.


Seek Advice from Experienced People

Other businesses may have tried out the new inbound marketing tools. This puts them in a solid position to give you advice that you badly need. Relying on the advice of those who have been there and done that can save your wasted man-hours spent rectifying an otherwise easy problem. It also saves you costs and speeds up the rate at which the technology will be implemented in the business.


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