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Can You Spot an Expired Email Mailing List?


Small business marketers use effective inbound marketing techniques to grow company revenue. One of the aspects of this type of marketing involves maintaining an email list. The digital marketplace is fertile – and as many other things that are fertile, after a while, it expires. While many may not think of something such as email hs having the ability to expire, it makes sense that it will need to be updated regularly.



According to Return Path and other inbound marketing sources, when emails do not make it to prospective customer inboxes, around  83% of the time, this is due to sender reputation, based upon “sender score.” Sender score is determined by how many times emails are categorized as spam by an email system. Sometimes, even those that a recipient does not consider spam wind up there.

email marketing 

Email List Types

There are various kinds of email lists that inbound marketing uses in their efforts:

  • Active and loyal customers
  • New prospects based prior contact
  • Names provided by a third party, based upon collected customer data
  • Random names which may have potential

Because of the breadth of email addresses available today, a “bad email list” is not entirely so easy to determine. Basically, bad email lists are the ones that contain a majority of recipients that are:

·     Really not a part of your target market;

·     Not anticipating receiving your messages; and

·     Not interested in receiving your messages.

There are some ways to combat the bad list email conundrum. Below are three inbound marketing tips to help make the distinction between whether an email address should stay or go, as well as organize your lists properly.

  1. Be certain that the email address has some former connection to your product or service. If not, that email address should to onto a “cold” list that could be used for other things. Inbound marketers know that using unknown addresses usually wastes time, as well as damaging your reputation.
  2. Ensure that unsubscribe lists accompanies each email list. When using an email list, the master is loaded, followed by a suppression (unsubscribe) list.

    When this is not done, those who have unsubscribed will be emailed. Not only will people become annoyed, but they may report messages as spam. Over time, this could interfere with the ability to send emails.
  3. Maintain regular contact with your subscribers. It is recommended to email that list several times within a year’s time. If not, expect to have some cleaning to do as your unsubscribe list will need updating.

    Provide useful content to your list by finding out what they need. Conduct some research to see what they are saying about your and similar products and services. For example, when you read that customers would like more information on how to use something you know about, craft a blog or email on that topic.


To find out more about how to use inbound marketing effectively, please visit The Great Online at or call 888-460-4535 to speak with a representative.


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