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Twitter's New Brand Pages - What they Can do for Your Company


Social media communities have of late been engrossed in a mad frenzy as they seek to tap into lucrative Inbound Marketing. Not too long ago, we witnessed Facebook launch brand pages for businesses. Next in line was Google. The latest entrant into this goldmine is Twitter which has unveiled new business brand pages. The fresh brand pages in Twitter offer some exciting opportunities that marketers can tap into such as the ability to insert videos into the tweets and design bigger logos.  However, the new brand pages are yet to be rolled out since this development is still in beta stages. Have a look at the Twitter sites for companies such as Coca~Cola, Nike or Disney to have an idea of what is in the future. This article offers you an insight to the implications of this new development for your business.


Featured Tweets

One drawback of Twitter is that tweets have short shelf life. A new Tweet is usually buried within minutes if not seconds. The new Twitter business brand pages allow you to highlight a tweet and make it stick at the top. Furthermore, the tweets have an auto-expand feature that permits you to entrench photos or videos from Flickr or YouTube. When you embed photos and videos on your Twitter pages, your Inbound Marketing campaigns, multimedia and promotions are likely to be viewed by and reach a larger audience.

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Fully Customizable Header

The slot for the logos has been modified in the new Twitter brand pages, resulting in a new expanded header image slot.  This permits you to exhibit your company’s logo much more visibly, while the tag line is much more visible. This does away with the existing header image area, which made logos appear cramped, making it difficult to figure out its words and designs. Consequently, the new layout helps users figure out immediately the company that owns the brand page. Loyal and prospective customers can therefore easily identify with your company.


Easy to Navigate Website

New features aside, Twitter is also releasing a new design for both businesses and regular users. This new design is likely to attract more unique subscribers to the site because it is designed with new users in mind. The layout is constructed in such a way as to help beginners navigate the site easily. Customers are also likely to find and connect with your company’s brand page easier. This helps you organize your inbound marketing and public relations exercises on Twitter without much difficulty.


Much More Streamlined Replies

Another bonus feature with this new brand pages is the ability to separate @mention from @replies enabling you to effectively gauge and manage your company’s brand visibility.



While Twitter has entered late; its subscriber base is second only to Facebook. Investing in a new brand page for your company may reap benefits as a result of tapping into this huge market. Don’t adopt a wait and see attitude; your competitors may take advantage of this and move miles ahead. 


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