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What's all this Talk about Pinterest? from The Great Online


By now most people have heard of Pinterest if not already obsessed with it. It has exploded in popularity as the newest social networking site. Filled with images to explore your travel bug needs and ideas to recreate your living area or revamp your very own style, Pinterest has gained the attention of the social community. But does Pinterest offer any advantages to businesses?

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   Before we determine how a business can benefit from Pinterest, it’s important to first understand a generalized sense of what Pinterest is. Pinterest eloquently defines itself as a social media network meant to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting.” It is a visual social network, literally a virtual pin-board where individuals “pin” visual representations of their personal preferences and lifestyles.

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    Any marketer should know the value images hold; they carry with them the power of emotion, a difficult sentiment to harness through other means. Pinterest is built upon the power of emotions illicited through images.

Because Pinterest is a solid image landing ground and there is a high volume of people who relate well to images, industries that rely on a high-volume of website traffic to increase sales would benefit from Pinterest. Your business does not need to have an already existing highly visual persona. This is where your creativity comes into play. It is your job as the business owner to create the visual representation of the lifestyle you envision your clients lead.


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As noted by HubSpot, the only limit to what you can do on Pinterest is your imagination. Many companies successfully using Pinterest use it as a tool to better understand their customers and their lifestyles by reviewing their clients’ pinboards.


Businesses create lifestyles in which they believe their customers would lead using their products or services. Their products or services become personified through the use of Pinterest. For example, a well-known paper company prefers to post pins of unique things to do with paper. Some of these pins may include their own paper within them, but they are not direct advertisements. However, the useful aspect to this is that when a pinner clicks on the unique paper pin, they are directed to the paper company’s website, thus generating traffic and potential leads.


It is frowned upon to directly advertise one’s own products, but at the same time it is encouraged to pin your accomplishments whether that be a new bike you built or a new skin-care line you developed or a new book you wrote. Pinterest just asks that you do not blatantly self promote.

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The goal for businesses that participate on Pinterest is to become their own watering hole for their product industry in which pinners are engaged and interact. A great example is Oreck, the vacuum company; they have pin boards full of exquisite looking floors from wood floors to carpet to tile. They also have a pinboard full of adorable animals. The message gets across without being in your face. Oreck takes care of the mess left behind by your loved ones and keeps your floors looking exquisite. As you can tell, there is a lot of creativity at work here, but it is worth the time and energy as it is a great opportunity to connect with and understand your target audience.


 The more creative a company is with the uses and the lifestyle their product or service brings, the more reason there is for a consumer to buy it. Promote your brand through the lifestyle you envision your customers lead.






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