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Converting Website Traffic into Leads - Inbound Marketing Tips


In the inbound marketing world, we use a variety of strategies to help companies to get found online. We research and develop methods to help businesses compete in the internet age, when their competition is just a click away. But getting found is just a part of the puzzle of growing your business.

A business could do everything right to get tons of traffic pouring into their website. But if you had 1 Million people come to your website tomorrow, and not one person contacted you or bought something, what would you think? You’d think something wasn’t working, right?

This is where conversion optimization comes in. This is the art of harnessing all of that great and needed traffic, and creating need and excitement in those visitors so they can’t wait to call you or join your email list.

How do you optimize your website for conversions?

Here are a few of the top tried-and-true techniques.

1)  Give Away Something!

Website Conversions with GiveawaysYour website isn’t always about your company. Why don’t you give away information that your prospects and customers can use right now, (and maybe they’ll use it and remember you for it). You’ll be much more valuable and will be seen as a knowledge leader. Some things to give away include:

  • Downloadable Kit
  • Free Trial
  • eBook
  • Live Webinar
  • Recorded Video
  • White Paper
  • Demo/Consultation

2) Hold a Contest

Increase Inbound Marketing Leads with a Website ContestContests help to create buzz to any marketing you do for your business. Contests can work to add on to your marketing strategies for both getting new prospects and clients and also for adding new buzz and promoting to existing clients (don’t forget about them!) Efficient lead generation should be a win-win for the buyer and the seller.  What better way to reward a lead then entering them into a contest?  Contest entry can be a simple sign up form or maybe require a text or video submission.

All in all, contests increase website traffic while providing high visibility web exposure for sponsors and advertisers. Links to contests can be featured in appropriate areas throughout the site. The graph here shows that landing pages that use the words “contest” and “winner” convert better than pages without those words.

3) Don’t Ask to Be Contacted

I bet if you go to your landing page right now it will say something like “Contact us for a free quote” or “Call Us with Any Questions” – am I right?

Website readers often don’t want to be told what to do. You should have good enough headlines and content that they can figure out for themselves that they need to contact you.

Website Contact Form Ideas - Inbound MarketingThis chart shows research done to analyze the conversion rates on pages that use or don’t use words like “quote” “price” “request” “services” “contract” and “questions”

Obviously there is a time and place for everything, but focus on giving them the information and resources they need instead of just pointing them to your phone number and lead form. Think about creating value!

4) Don’t Ask for Too Much Information                                  

A lead form on a website is like dating – when you’re dating, often you want to see how much someone is interested in you, so you leave the “ball in their court” and “act mysterious”.

A prospect on your website wants to do the same thing. If you Website Form Optimization - Inbound Marketing Planhave a form on your site, don’t ask for too much information. You haven’t even met them yet, and you need to show them that you’re interested!

Form Optimization aims to improve the rate at which users complete filling out all of the fields within a form. Users abandon forms for various reasons, but mainly because they don’t want to provide the information mandated by a certain field. Best practices are to only ask for the absolute essential information.

5) Don’t Be Shy about your Conversion “Call to Action” Button

Place your call to action up front – ideally above the fold and so that it stands out among any other buttons on your page.

What happens after your user clicks the Call to Action button? Make sure the entire process flows smoothly and they know exactly what to expect.

Use alternate colors for your call to action buttons, otherwise they can be lost in the overall color scheme of your site.

Here is a great article from Smashing Magazine with Call to Action Buttons: Examples and Best Practices.Call to Action Button Examples -Inbound Marketing Strategy 

Do you have any Inbound Marketing tips for what has worked for you? Is YOUR website generating leads?


Thanks for the interesting and easy to read article! 
Posted @ Monday, October 20, 2014 4:04 PM by Templates Singapore
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