Strategies that the Highest Converting Websites Use

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Are you experiencing low conversion rates on your website? If so, do you have a structured plan in place in order to optimize those conversions? The fact of the matter is that most companies (61 percent in total) don’t test their strategies because they’re too busy or they don’t see the value in this investment.

But what do the highest-converting websites do differently?

First, they know a few things about their customers. They realize that they have only 7 seconds to make a compelling statement; otherwise most customers will leave. Lastly, they also know that 96 percent of visitors are not ready to purchase when they visit the website, but the more relevant your content is to your audience, the more leads / conversions you’re going to get.

Now, what exactly are these companies doing differently?

  • Sites like MailChimp and Helzberg Diamonds both make their value propositions clear and highly visible on their web pages. MailChimp’s value proposition is clear, strong, and right to the point: Easy email newsletters. How much clearer can they get? Find your value proposition and make it very clear what you’re going to offer to your clients.
  • Have you tested your calls-to-action recently? Having a clear call-to-action, a meaningful headline, and a strong graphics can dramatically improve your conversion rate. Mozilla dramatically improved downloads for Firefox by changing the call to action from “Try Firefox 7” to “Download Now - Free”.
  • Knowing the initial questions of your customers is crucial. Sites like realize that their customers’ first question is probably going to revolve around how soon their flowers can be delivered, so they have a banner in their headline to answer that question right away. You should regularly be polling and surveying your customers in order to find their frustrations and satisfactions with your product and website.
  • They keep their forms short and to the point. How many times have you been ready to sign up for something, but you stop dead in your tracks when you see that you have to fill out 20-plus fields? You need to respect the time of your users. Dropbox only requests an email address and password, and a name. It’s simple and effective. also allows a user to make a purchase as a guest, and will then give the option to create an account. Removing obstacles to purchasing will increase your chances for conversions.

There are a plethora of other strategies that you can use, and as one of the leading Internet marketing companies in Denver, this is what we recommend to you on top of these suggestions:

  • Using an easy-to-use mobile site can nearly double conversions.
  • Testimonials, customer reviews, and other social proof can improve landing pages by 144%.
  • Pain-avoidance headlines often work well, and it’s been shown to increase conversions by 31%.
  • Using the best call-to-action color buttons of red, green, yellow, and orange can increase conversions by 34%.
  • Having a ‘Chat Now’ button or window can increase signups by 31%.

These are only a few strategies to increase your conversion, but for you to reap the full benefits, you’ll need to consult with us, your #1 online marketing company in Denver. We can create a structured plan that is designed with results in mind.

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