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Inbound Marketing -vs- Outbound Marketing

If your goal is to increase leads and sales and decrease the cost to generate them, then you’re going to want to read further…

Fact: Outbound marketing is becoming LESS effective and LESS efficient
Fact: Inbound marketing is becoming MORE effective and MORE efficient

What is outbound marketing?
Otherwise know as “interruption marketing”, outbound marketing means pushing your message out far and wide and hoping that someone listens. It means doing things the old fashioned way like yellow pages, cold calling, tradeshows, radio, tv and print advertising. The problem is that people are being inundated with hundreds if not thousands of messages per day and utilizing more and more ways to block out those interrupting messages.

What is inbound marketing?
Inbound marketing is when you go from being a product pusher to a trusted source. It’s the process of getting found in search engines, the blogosphere and social media sites when your potential customers are searching for answers to their questions. Get Found, Convert and Analyze are the 3 legs to the inbound marketing stool. Master those and you will be on your way to increasing revenue while reducing marketing costs…it doesn’t get any better than that.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

The Goal
•    Generate leads on website
•    Increase sales on website
•    Build An Audience

The Method
•    Get Found (SEO, Blogosphere, Social Media, Public Relations, Directories)
•    Convert (Turn website visitors into leads, customers or email subscribers)
•    Analyze (Use traffic stats to improve website performance)

What We Do

The Great Online is a Denver Inbound Marketing company that makes it simple and affordable for businesses to outsource their online marketing.

Think of us as your online marketing concierge. The Great Online is an online marketing firm that helps businesses transform their lead generation by enabling them to "get found" by more potential customers. The Great Online provides these leading edge services:

•    SEO
•    Social Media Marketing
•    Email Marketing
•    Pay Per Click
•    Local Marketing
•    Public Relations
•    Online Directories

To our hundreds of clients, we are an extension of their inbound marketing department or in some cases we ARE their inbound marketing department. Let us take your marketing efforts to the next level We bring over 15 years of past experience to the table as well as the ability to keep your company informed on the latest technologies and solutions in the marketplace.

Don't Pour Your Money Down A Black Hole

We have found that the SMB market can feel vulnerable when it comes to pricing out an SEO project or online marketing project. Without knowing the in's and out's of this mysterious world, it's hard to know what to spend your money on and what not to.
Too many businesses spend too much money trying to get ranked in Google only to realize that they'll never make it to page one or that the additional traffic doesn't translate into additional leads and/or revenue. Before you spend one dime on an "SEO Campaign", call us and let us review your situation and give you some FREE INBOUND MARKETING ADVICE

Let us break down the complexity of this confusing yet very important process which has numerous names such as search engine marketing, online marketing, inbound marketing or just internet marketing. We go through a discovery process which starts with understanding your business from more than just a marketing point of view. By understanding how your business works and how it generates revenue, we can recommend solutions that will have a positive impact your bottom line. Our clients also enjoy better rates by taking advantage of our experience and collective buying power. The Great Online is a Denver Inbound Marketing company but also services the entire U.S

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